Plastic Mega Bins / Nally Bins

Plastic Mega Bins / Nally Bins are made with food grade plastic and widely used in the food and agricultural industries and suitable for the forklift forward bin tipper and come in collapsible and solid models.

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Heavy Duty FBT Lid

Heavy Duty FBT Lid
365.00 (NZD) excl GST

Mega Bins / Nally Bin 755 Litre Capacity

Part No: FTNB
The Mega Bins by Nally bins are moulded out of high quality, food grade high density polyethylene (HOPE) so therefore perfect for any tipping or storage solution. They are extremely robust so give years of brilliant service. With no sharp edges and all corners being rounded they are great for handling produce or any fragile, delicate items you may need to store, tip or transport. Forward Bin Tipper can be modified to suit the current bins you are using or these Nally bins are available in collapsible and non-collapsible models to suit your requirements.
855.00 (NZD) excl GST