Pallet Hooks

Pallet hooks safely pick up pallets using a HIAB or overhead Crane. Available in automatic models where level adjusts automatically depending on pallet weight or manual models with capacity to 2200kg with New Zealand wide delivery available

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Pallet Hook Auto Levelling

Part No: PHAuto2.0
The automatic pallet hook is self levelling for ease of operation. An internal spring mechanism ensures the lifting eye is in the correct position to keep the tines horizontal, eliminating the need to reposition the lifting ring. Enclosed frame members protect the operator from moving parts. Tine width is adjustable.
3,275.00 (NZD) excl GST

Pallet Hook Manual Levelling

Part No: PHM2.2
The Pallet Hook features variable body height and adjustable tine width, making this versatile attachment ideal for the transport and construction industry. Load balancing is via the moveable lifting ring.
4,395.00 (NZD) excl GST

Bulk Bag Crane Jib

Part No: BBCJ2.0
This Bulk Bag to Crane Jib is designed with 4 lifting hooks to assist in lifting Bulk Bags with an overhead Crane or Hiab. The straps on the four prongs in either corner of the spreader frame and the folded lips prevent the straps from slipping off while lifting. Designed for quick easy use. Includes certification plates Manual & Certificate and is finished in Safety Yellow Paint.
1,350.00 (NZD) excl GST