Light Weight Tipping Bin 0.50 cu. m

This economical bin is a self tipping bin suitable for most waste handling applications. This tipping bin is supplied standard with 4 crane lifting lugs plus 2 upending lugs underneath.

It is also fitted with a drain plug and wheel brackets (wheels not supplied unless ordered). Being a nesting bin, it uses a minimum of space for storage and transport.
Part No: MHTB50
1,495.00 (NZD) excl GST

Light weight and cost effective tipping bins suitable for goods transport, storage or waste. Fitted with forklift carriage, these tipping bins are designed for manual push over. Wheels are fitted as standard, 2 front and 1 swivel at the rear. Drain plug fitted as standard. Zinc plate finish.

Please check your forklift tyne size to ensure they fit into the bin tipper attachment forklift pockets.

Capacity0.50 (cu. m)
SWL (Kg)350
Pocket Size (mm)140 x 65
Pocket Centres (mm)367
Unit Weight (Kg)65
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