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Battery Removal Jib Attachment

Part No: BRJ2.0
Battery Removal Jib is available in 4 hooks or 2 hooks. Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS23.
1,655.00 (NZD) excl GST

Slip-On Bulk Bag Jib

Part No: BBJ2.0
The Slip-On Bulk Bag Jib attachment is designed with 4 lifting hooks to handle standard Bulk Bags. The straps of bulk bags are fastened to the four hooks in either corner of the spreader frame preventing the Bulk Bag from folding in on itself or bunching up as the bag is emptied. Includes certification plates, Manual & Certificate, a safety chain to secure it to the fork carriage and four Heavy Duty swivel hooks. Finished in Safety Yellow Paint.
1,880.00 (NZD) excl GST